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Student of the Month - December 2023

Meador Elementary students Noah Burks, Machelle Morgan and Madelyn Lewis led the pledges and prayer before the district’s Elementary Student of the Month was announced. Receiving this distinction was Meador fourth-grade student Grady Mitchell.

Mrs. Tamara Good, Principal of Meador Elementary, said, “Besides his academic excellence, Grady also has a creative, funny sense of humor. He likes to tell us about his hunting adventures and fun times with his family and little sister. He is kind and courteous to everyone and the first to step in and help whenever he sees a need.”

After naming the elementary representative, Brabham Middle School recognized the district’s Secondary Student of the Month, eighth-grader Jafet Beltran Serrano.

“Jafet is always the first to volunteer for any task, answer a question or help a friend who is struggling. He gives 100 percent to any task in RLA and is an excellent writer. He is also kind and helpful and truly emulates Bobkat values,” Danielle Hunnicutt, Assistant Principal of Brabham Middle School, shared.