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Student of the Month - March 2024

Willis ISD's Secondary Student of the Month is Brabham eighth-grade student Maggie Majkszak. “Maggie is an outstanding student who gives 110% in everything she does. She works hard in class, attends tutorials, and never complains about the work. She is a great athlete and team member. Most importantly, she treats others with kindness. She offers help to those who need it and never has a bad word to say about anyone,” Dr. Kella Price, Principal of Brabham Middle School, said.
Meador Elementary Student of the Month, fifth-grader Landon Jimenez. Mrs. Tamara Good, Principal of Meador Elementary, shared, “Landon is a role model student. He is respectful, helpful, caring, and loves learning. From safety patrol to being student of the week, Landon is a shining star at Meador.”