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Superintendent of The Year

“Willis ISD is very blessed to have the Superintendent of the Year for Region 6,” said Cliff William, Board President. “But in all reality we feel we have the best in the nation. As a board we are ecstatic for Tim. Five years ago we brought him in and gave him a vision of the direction we wanted to go, and he continues everyday to strive to be above that vision."

Williams added, “Harkrider brings a drive with him to this job that you can tell was instilled in him from his parents and the ball field. He wants Willis to be the best and you can tell that by how he goes about his business and runs our district. We are a close knit town that has 7300 students, 1000 staff members and a community that is growing, and I believe as much as we will all want to give him all the credit he would turn it around and say it’s because of everyone else. As a district and community we celebrate Tim being named Superintendent of the Year for Region 6.”