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Student of the Month - October 2023

Cannan Elementary students Creek Langford and Austin Rios led the pledges and prayer before the presentation of the district’s Elementary Student of the Month. Ryan Cook, a fifth grader at Cannan Elementary, was nominated by his teacher.

“He comes to class willing to learn every day with a great attitude. He is respectful to adults and his peers,” said Dr. Jo Ann Colson, Principal of Cannan Elementary.

After naming the elementary representative, Lynn Lucas Middle School recognized the district’s Secondary Student of the Month, eighth grader Erin Paxton Edwards.

“Teamwork is an area where she excels. Erin understands how to be a part of a team as well as lead a team. Whether she is in charge of the dance team or a member of a robotics group, she is focused on the task and stays with it to the end. She humbly takes the praise and never fails to share the limelight with others,” shared Dr. Kelley Moore, Principal of Lynn Lucas Middle School.