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Student of the Month - April 2023

Congratulations to these outstanding individuals on being named Students of the Month!

Every month, campuses choose a set of students at the primary and secondary levels to represent them at the district's monthly board meeting.

The April Secondary Student of the Month was Lynn Lucas eighth grader Derek Taylor.

Mr. Eric Burns, Principal of Lynn Lucas Middle School said, “Every day, Derek greets his campus administrators with a firm handshake and a smile while making eye contact. Mr. Taylor is a remarkable young man and an exemplary leader. We are blessed to have him as a Lynn Lucas student.”

Once secondary recognitions were over, the Primary Student of the Month was named. Representing Roark Early Education Center was pre-k student Rachel Kimani.

“Rachel is responsible, safe and respectful, which means she arrives everyday to be the best she can be. She is always happy and comes in with a smile on her face. She greets everyone from the time she gets out of the car until she arrives to her classroom,” said Mrs. Calandra Lewis, Principal of Roark.

We would also like to congratulate Lynn Lucas students Liam Lewis, Madison Boatman and Samantha Gillard for being chosen to represent their school in leading the pledges and prayer.