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Student of the Month - January 2023

These Wildkats are making waves in the new year!

Every month, campuses choose a set of students at the primary and secondary levels to come and represent them at the district's monthly board meeting. At these meetings, two students are selected as Student of the Month.

The Student of the Month for January was Lagway first grader Cassidy Allen.

First-grade teacher Mrs. Cathy Hurst said, “Cassidy is an outstanding student! She listens, she is always on task, she always does her best work and she pushes herself to do better!"

Once primary recognitions were over, the secondary Student of the Month was presented. Representing Brabham Middle School was sixth grader Owen Landaverde.

“Owen's teachers have glowing things to say about him. He is respectful, hardworking, and always prepared. Not only does he have strong academic skills but he is also kind to his fellow students, supportive, and always willing to help. If something needs to be done, Owen's teachers trust that ANY task he is given will be addressed diligently and efficiently., " Dr. Shukella Price, Principal of Brabham Middle School said.

We would also like to congratulate Lagway students Hayes Hoegemeyer, Gunner Blinka, and Lucas Brumlow for being chosen to represent their school in leading the pledges and prayer.