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Student of the Month - November 2022

During the school year, campuses choose a set of students at the primary and secondary levels to come and represent them at the district's monthly board meeting. At these meetings, two students are selected as Student of the Month, and three other students are asked to say the pledges and prayer.

The primary Student of the Month for November was Meador first grader Najah Isede.

“Najah is always on task and tries her best on every assignment given. She is also a great friend to every student in the class," Kayla Middleton, her teacher said.

After the primary Student of the Month was named, the Board of Trustees was surprised by a performance from the Meador Honor Choir. Led by music teacher Larisa Kholodnaya, the students sang a rendition of “A Million Dreams” from the film, The Greatest Showman.

Once the performance was over, the secondary Student of the Month was presented. Representing Lynn Lucas Middle School was eighth grader Avery Johnson.

Counselor Amanda Cheatham said, “Avery is a pleasure to have during office aid and in classes. She is a natural leader on our campus and excels academically and athletically. Avery is always willing to go above and beyond to help students and staff members. She is well known for her respect towards everyone."

We would also like to congratulate Meador students Machelle Morgan, Kevin Gramillo, and Mackenna Sees for being chosen to represent their school in leading the pledges and prayer.