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WHS LIVE Kat's Kouch Segment

Jonathan Evans is in his fourth year teaching digital media courses at Willis High School’s Career and Technology Center. Prior to that, he was a support worker in the district’s technology department for two years.

Two years ago Mr. Evans and his students started taking photos and videos at events under the name, WHS Live. The first year was spent learning how to operate cameras and video equipment, as well as dabbling with video editing software.

This year, the students added Kat’s Kouch - a video series where members of the WHS Live team interview guests about different topics relevant to WHS students. The videos are then posted online and shared with WHS students and the community.

By adding this component, they are learning more advanced skills such as how to use switchers to incorporate multiple camera angles on videos. They are also working on their interviewing skills and higher-level questioning techniques.

"Students have dedicated so much of their personal time to make WHS Live something that all students and the community can enjoy,” said Evans. “I am so proud of their hard work and dedication to making this program successful.”

Kat’s Kouch and WHS Live photos can be viewed on the website at