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October Students of the Month

The October Secondary Student of the Month is Hailee Workman. Hailee is a Junior at WHS. She was nominated by Cosmetology Teacher Katie Hepler.
"I chose Hailee for student of the month because she radiates positive energy! She’s friends with everyone and goes out of her way to help other students. But possibly the best quality is that she takes responsibility AND pride in our salon. Any time she uses a tool or implement I can rest easy knowing it’s well taken care of. She even sings us “Baby Shark” when she doesn’t feel like there is enough hype in the salon! Hailee is the best."
The October Elementary Student of the Month is Seth Hourahan from Turner Elementary. He is in Ms. Greenleaf and Mrs. Nestor’s fifth grade class.
“Seth is a stellar student. He comes to school everyday prepared and ready to learn. He puts forth maximum effort into every assignment and task. He is not afraid to ask for help, and he is always willing to help others. His behavior is that of a model student and he is respectful to every individual who crosses his path, both adults and peers alike. Seth is a teacher’s dream student and he will have an enormous positive impact on this world.”