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Student of the Month - February 2023

These students make us proud to be Wildkats!

Every month, campuses choose a set of students at the primary and secondary levels to represent them at the district's monthly board meeting.

The February Elementary Student of the Month was Cannan fifth grader Taylor Boyd.

Dr. Jo Ann Colson, Principal of Cannan Elementary said, “Taylor begins each day with a smile and ends each day ensuring our students who need the most help receive it from her without hesitation. She has become a leader for others to see how to make the right choices at all times."

Once primary recognitions were over, the Secondary Student of the Month was presented. Representing Lynn Lucas Middle School was seventh grader Veronica Sanchez.

“She is the student that every teacher hopes for. Her dedication to her work shows in every assignment she turns in. She works hard to not only make sure she is understanding the concepts being taught in class, but on several occasions, I have witnessed her helping a fellow student to understand as well. She does this with patience and grace and out of the kindness of her own heart, " said Ms. Angela Bowman, Veronica’s teacher.

We would also like to congratulate Cannan students Barhett Mathews, Colt Bell and Deklan Terry for being chosen to represent their school in leading the pledges and prayer.