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Willis High School CTE's Law Enforcement Students

Willis High School CTE's Law Enforcement students are taking steps towards their future careers.

Recently six juniors and seniors from Brian Kennedy’s Law Enforcement program graduated from the Conroe Police Department Citizen Youth Police Academy. Cadet Sgt. Landon Franks, Cadet Sgt. Christopher Garrison, Cadet Captain Noe Martinez, Cadet Sgt. Jessica Benitez, Cadet Sgt. Brianna Benavides and Cadet Parker Young participated in an eight week course that stretched from October to December to better prepare themselves for the transition into the field in the future.

“It is essentially a resume builder for them and portfolio entry that indicates to Law Enforcement agencies looking to hire them later that these candidates have taken steps to remain immersed in the industry to the utmost extent possible,” Kennedy said.

This course covered topics such as Patrol Operations, Use of Force, Physical Fitness, Narcotics, K9 Operations and Firearms Training. While the students learn about these subjects in class, this academy has provided them with supplemental knowledge that can assist them in class and in the future when starting their careers.

Kennedy, who prides himself on providing students with an authentic industry experience in the classroom, believes that this course aligns almost perfectly with his program.

“Our motto here is 'We Build Leaders'. We strive to empower students to be good citizens and stewards of our society as they transition to the workforce. The instruction here replicates the industry as closely as possible with the emphasis on the academy being a student driven experience with embedded student leadership,” he said.

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