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Student of the Month - May 2023

Congratulations to these students for being named our final Students of the Month for the 2022-23 school year!

Every month this past year, campuses chose a set of students at the primary and secondary level to represent them at the district's monthly board meeting.

The May Secondary Student of the Month was Willis High School 10th grader Mason Lightfoot.

“There has not been an adult I have run into that does not rave about this young man's outstanding character. Of all the positive attributes that he has, his leadership and respectful demeanor are both beyond his years. Mason, we are all very proud of the young man that you are and wait knowing that you will leave Willis High School a better place. You, young man, are going places,” said Mrs. Tanis Price, Willis High School Agriculture Science teacher.

Once secondary recognitions were over, the Primary Student of the Month was named. Representing C.C. Hardy Elementary was fifth-grade student Malcolm Cash Wilson.

Mrs. Stephanie Womack, Wilson’s teacher, said, “Cash is a hard-working young man who always strives to master the material he is being presented with in every subject. Cash also demonstrates a level of maturity above his peers by taking personal responsibility for his learning and making note of what he does and does not understand. He is an inquisitive student that utilizes his fellow students and his teachers to help him understand which part of a skill is eluding him. Cash shows that he loves learning and puts a great deal of effort into meticulously completing any assignments or classwork.”

We would also like to congratulate Willis High School students Amiya DeLarosa and Riley Neumann for being chosen to represent their school in leading the pledges and prayer.