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Student of the Month - March 2023

The March Secondary Student of the Month was Brabham eighth-grader Kristen Eilers.

“She is an incredible student who is serious about her academics and the service that she provides to our school community. Kristen is a sheer example of a dynamic leader. She currently serves as the President of our National Honor Society as the secretary for Student Council,” said Dr. Kella Price, Principal.

Once secondary recognitions were over, the Primary Student of the Month was presented. Representing Meador Elementary was third grader Victoria Gaspar.

Mrs. Tamara Good, Principal of Meador Elementary said, “Victoria has a hunger to grow academically and is a good listener. She likes to craft, create art and make jewelry. She follows directions, uses supplies wisely and has a good attitude when asked to try something new.”

We would also like to congratulate Brabham students Lauren Stafford, Cayden Britton and AJ Edwards for being chosen to represent their school in leading the pledges and prayer.