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Board Approves 2021-22 Budget

The Willis ISD Board of Trustees last night approved a $73.1M budget for 2021-22 with a total tax rate of $1.17. The tax rate is one of the lowest of surrounding Montgomery County ISDs.

The tax rate consists of $.8720 for maintenance and operations and $.30 for interest and sinking. This year’s tax rate is a 4.51 cent reduction from last year, with a total deduction of 21.8 cents since 2018.

The balanced budget of revenue and expenditures is $73,141,498 for the general fund, a debt service budget of $14,747,579 and a child nutrition budget of $4,747,704. For the general fund, notable expenditures include $44,698,931 in instructional related expenses and $14,672,656 in district operating expenses. No capital expenditures were adopted in the 2021-2022 budget. 

Other Business Items

In other business news, the board approved the final general fund and debt service fund budget amendments for 2020-2021. 

The board also approved the commitment of fund balance for 2021-22 in the amount of 19.7M as follows:

Additionally, the board adopted a salary increase in June as outlined below:

The Teacher Scale with a Bachelor’s Degree received a $2,000 increase updating the starting salary to $54,000.  The Teacher Scale with a Masters is $1,200 more than the Bachelors scale for 21-22.  The Counselors Scale is derived from the Master Degree Teacher Scale for 21-22 and is also receiving a $2,000 increase to the scale. The adjusted scale will provide a raise, including step, an average of $2,580 for our teachers.

The Custodial and Child Nutrition Pay Scale is based on 1% increase per step (years of experience) and the scale was adjusted by 2% resulting in a 3% total raise. 

All other employees are on the Min-Mid-Max pay schedules. These pay schedules were adjusted 3-6-6% and the employees will receive a raise of 3% of midpoint.