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Letter to Community

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Tom Crowe and I am the Interim Superintendent for Willis ISD.  To give you a little history, I was the Willis HS Principal from 1989-1991.  I was the Superintendent of Schools from 1992 – 1997.  I chose to move back to Willis in 2018 and once again become a tax payer in Willis because I love this District and this community. 

Our motto used to be “Willis ISD, A Proud Past and a Brighter Future.”  We were very proud of our history and legacy and we looked forward to a very bright future not only for the school district, but also the entire Willis community.  The current motto is “One Team, One Purpose”.  We are all on one team and our purpose must be the success of the students in our schools. 

I have heard the terms “Old Willis” and “New Willis”.  This concerns me because we should all be ONE WILLIS!  It doesn’t matter if your family has been in the community for 100 years or you moved here last month, you are an important part of Willis.  We should all be focused on improving everything in our community and ensuring student success in our schools.  We should all be “One Team, One Purpose”.  While we may disagree on some issues, the bottom line needs to be focused on the students and helping them become productive, successful citizens.

Let’s work toward making our interactions more positive.  We are not perfect, we have made and will make mistakes, but it is how we work together to improve that will move us forward toward the bright future.  Again, I fully realize that we are not always going to agree on everything that is happening or decisions that are made, but we must learn to disagree agreeably.  The things that are said need to be more constructive and less destructive.   

When a concern arises, please take it directly to the person or office where there is a concern.  I have always had and will always have an open door to listen and address concerns.  Only the people who are directly involved with your concern can provide accurate, factual feedback.

Willis ISD has almost 9,000 students enrolled right now.  We are projected to have over 10,500 students by 2026-2027 and over 13,000 students by 2030-2031.  Now is the time for all of us to truly become One Team, One Purpose.

With Much Respect,

Tom Crowe

Interim Superintendent


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