• Welcome to LLMS Boys Basketball!!!!

    Congrats to our 2021-2022 Boys Basketball team!


     Ziegelt, Karson
    Friend, Amajai 
    Wilkerson, Daylen 
    Demoss, Dominic 
    Drakes, Dontour 
    Wilson, Eathan 
    Pierson, Jaquavion 
    Kellow, J'Lynnd 
    Stanley, Joshua 
    Duncan, Mark 
    Gilstrap, Mason 
    Broussard, Tyreon 
    Ritchie, Wyatt 
    Cook, Ty 
    Osorio, Nicholas 
    Ziehl, Clayton 
    Luke, Ejaylis 
    Day, Mason 
    Wilkerson, Dakota 
    Frankum, Trenton 


    Kizzie, Adavian
    Martinez, Felipe
    Day, Jackson
    Romero, Kevin
    Johnson, Lane
    Hernandez, Maddox
    McWhirter, Ryan
    Rucinski, Tristan
    Brown, Jakoby
    Sistrunk, Tyler
    Alvarado, Luis
    Vallejo, Nathan
    Wernig, Gabriel
    Metz, Glenn
    Vest, Brayden
    Gates, Jack
    Cox, Keegan
    Guazozon, Emmanuel
    Dingman, Kaydyn
    Johs, Brayden
    Hensley, Connor


    No Food or Drink Allowed in Gymnasiums at any time
    Snack Area will be provided during events

    LLMS Boys Basketball Coaches

    8th Grade: Trevor Seabrook & Wade Halfmann

    7th Grade: Travis Elkins & Malcolm Isom



    7th Grade: B: 0-10 A: 9-1

    7th Grade A are District Champions!!! Great job guys!!!

    @Magnolia: B:37-8L A:71-14W

    @Creekside Park: B: 39-2L A: 54-36W

    v. Tomball: B:26-11L A: 65-18W

    @Bear Branch: B: 35-5L A: 45-30W

    v. Willow Wood: B: 59-4L A: 35-23W

    v. Schultz: B: 33-31L A: 55-3W

    v. Montgomery: B: 49-5L A: 62-56W

    @Oak Hills: B: 22-11L A: 26-41W

    v. Waller: B: 42-12L A: 45-39L

    @Brabham: B: 42-23L A: 68-22W

    8th Grade: B: 3-7 A: 5-5

    8th Grade A ended up 6th in District! 8th Grade B was 8th in District! Great job guys!

     @Magnolia: B:42-37L A:71-52L

    @Creekside Park: B: 56-25L A: 71-55L

    v. Tomball: B: 51-40L A: 57-37L

    @Bear Branch: B: 41-27L A: 78-45W

    v. Willow Wood: B: 67-21L A: 55-66L

    v. Schultz: B: 36-15W A: 69-35W

    v. Montgomery: B: 37-34W A: 65-47W

    @Oak Hills: B: 40-31L A: 44-38L

    v. Waller: B: 49-46L A: 56-42W

    @Brabham: B: 37-35W A: 62-48W



    8th grade A & 7th grade A both placed 5th in District! 7th grade B placed 6th & 8th grade B placed 8th in District! Great season guys!

    7th Grade: B: 3-5  A: 5-3

    vs Keefer Crossing: B: 38-16W A: 46-12W

    @ Oak Hill: B: 19-13L A: 51-48L

    vs Woodridge Forest: B:32-29L A:50-40L

    @ Waller: B: 16-14W A: 38-17W

    vs New Caney: B: 24-10W A:29-17W

    @ Splendora: B: 28-18L A: 58-8W

    vs White Oak: B: 31-16L A: 48-35L

    @ Brabham: B: 38-20L A: 45-39W

     Playoff: B: 16-14W v. Waller A: 46-27W v. Bear Branch


    8th Grade: B: 0-8  A: 4-4

    vs Keefer Crossing: B: 37-6L A: 67-49L

    @ Oak Hill: B: 44-13L A: 42-37L

    vs Woodridge Forest: B: 34-26L A: 59-48L

    @ Waller: B:36-16L A: 61-50W

    vs New Caney: B: 41-17L A: 56-53W

    @ Splendora: B: 44-14L A: 52-27W

    vs White Oak: B: 41-25L A: 47-28W

    @ Brabham: B: 44-11L A: 67-48L

     Playoff: B: 43-33L v. Schultz A: 53-47L v. Bear Branch


    Records Unavailable


    7th Grade: C: 0-4 B: 0-9 A: 6-3
    vs Bear Branch: C- 9-45L B- 2-30L A- 33-23W
    vs Waller: B-13-28L A- 22-50L
    vs Tomball: B- 12-33L A- 37-30W
    vs Willow Wood: B- 7-16L A- 37-41L
    vs Schultz: B- 7-8L A- 40-14W
    vs Magnolia: C- B- 25-29L A- 51-43W
    vs Creekside: B- 22-29L A- 39-41L
    vs Montgomery: C- 7-23L B- 25-28L A- 48-34W
    vs Brabham: C- 12-32L B- 17-18L A- 33-29W

    8th Grade: C: 1-3 B: 2-7 A: 2-7
    vs Bear Branch: C- 13-30L B- 21-53L A- 11-60L
    vs Waller: B- 24-43L A- 23-51L
    vs. Tomball: B- 18-37L A- 26-55L
    vs Willow Wood: B- 32-46L A- 24-55L
    vs Schultz: B- 34-32W A- 30-44L
    vs Magnolia: C- B- 22-34L A- 22-52L
    vs Creekside: B- 40-29W A- 44-30W
    vs Montgomery: C- 15-47L B- 25-56L A- 44-43W
    vs Brabham: C- 37-29W B- 51-63L A- 48-50L

    Records Unavailable


    The 8th grade A and B teams are District Champs!!!!!!! way to go guys. 7th grade A and B Teams were District Runner Ups!!!!
    7th grade Record

    Black: 0-3-0
    White: 6-6-0
    Purple: 7-5-0

    Black: 0-2-0
    White: 5-3-0
    Purple: 6-2-0

    8th grade Record

    Black: 1-1-1
    White: 10-1-0
    Purple: 11-0-0

    Black: 1-1-0
    White: 8-0-0
    Purple: 8-0-0