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    Tryouts will be starting April 3, 2019   (date change)

    All girls should be on the field at 3:00pm.  Bring running flats plus soccer gear


    All girls interested in trying out also need to be eligible to participate.

    This means they must be passing all classes at the 3-week grading period.

    If they are not eligible to participate, they are not eligible to tryout!


    18 players will be selected for each grade's team

    Mandatory Equipment:

     1) Willis Athletic gear        (No tank tops, no running shorts)

     2) Soccer cleats
     3) Soccer Shin guards

     4) Black soccer socks

    Tryout skills tested include:

    Running (1 mile; must be under 10:00 minutes)

    40 yd dash

    40 yd dash with ball



    Box Run

    Ball skills; dribbling, passing accurately

    Proper throw-ins

    Shooting; accuracy, power



    Team T-Shirt Order Form

    Due to Coach Reese by April 5

    T-Shirt Order Form