• Our Spring Football Fundraiser started this week and will last until Friday, May 17. All athletes interested in participating will sell tickets to the 

    WHS Spring Football game on Saturday, May 18

    From 5:00-7:00 PM in the Yates Stadium parking lot, vendors will be set up from around the community before kick off of the spring football game. Athletes will have the chance to earn incentives throughout the month of May.   
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  • Summer Camps


    Middle Kats Camp

    Summer Pride 2019





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  • Offseason Expectations for 8th Grade Boys Athletics:

    • Athletes will be expected to dress out every day, regardless if they are injured or not.
      • Dressing out includes the purple BMS athletics shirt, black BMS athletics shorts, and athletic shoes. NO SLIDES
      • Sweatpants/shirts may be worn outside during the colder weather months
    • Athletes will be expected to participate every day unless they are given a doctors note otherwise, however they are still expected to dress out if their injury allows it.
    • We will be lifting two days a week and participating in plyometric/agility drills two days a week. We are setting aside Fridays to compete in Off-season Olympics
    • Off-season Olympics will be held once a week to keep our athletes competing throughout the year, even if they are not playing a sport. We will do our best to have a different variety of activities for the athletes to compete in.
    • Teams will be drafted among the athletes and the teams will remain the same throughout the remainder of the year. The team that compiles the most points before the end of Offseason Olympics will win a prize to be determined later by the coaches.
    • In order to be able to participate in the Offseason Olympics, the athlete must dress out and participate in the 4 days prior to the competition day.


    Offseason is the time where athletes get bigger, stronger, and faster. We want to set your students up to be successful at the next level. Our expectations mirror what will be expected of them at the high school level. This is the time where the work put in, shows on the field in the fall.

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