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    There are many benefits of establishing Kat Radio within Willis Independent School District, and more specifically Willis High School.  Some of these benefits are detailed below:

    Campus Life: As an additional school activity the station will enrich students with music and news. It will also add a sense of community to your school by better connecting students to each other as well as pertinent information from school administrators.

    Community Relations: The radio station will include Business Spotlight segments, potential business sponsorships/commercials, and information to students/parents about upcoming events in Willis. 

    Curriculum: Curriculum for the Radio Station will be very cross-curricular in nature. The English curriculum will benefit from adding topics in journalism, script writing, public speaking and announcing. Technology curriculum will be enhanced with topics on computer operation and multimedia topics such as audio editing. Business curriculum will be enhanced in ways including radio station operation and administration, business leadership, and advertising/marketing.

    Vocational Training: Students who are involved with Kat Radio will be trained using Industry Standard equipment and software. They will build a much greater understanding of what it takes to become a Radio Personality, manage a radio station, and handle marketing/advertising opportunities for local businesses. Some of the industry specific positions the students will explore include the following: Program Director, News Director, Music Director, Sports Director, Production Manager, Promotions Manager, Chief Announcer, School Talk Manager, Music Library Manager, and Community Manager.

    On-Air Segments

    Music: Kat Radio will be based upon the ideology that the target market is very diverse in nature.  Not only will students be listening, but also parents, grandparents, business leaders, campus administrators, and community leaders.  Therefore, differing time segments will be focused on varying genres of music. These genres will include, but may not be limited to, the Top 100, Classic Rock, Oldies, and Top Country 100.

    News: Kat Radio will highlight news as it relates to Willis High School, WISD in general, and even Willis as a community.

    Sports: Using the On-Location hardware, Kat Radio will be able to broadcast LIVE sporting events as requested. Kat Radio will also air pre-recorded segments related to sports highlights, scores, and standings as needed.

    Weather: During the school week, Kat Radio will air a segment covering the current and forecasted weather for the Willis area. This will include the weather for the Day, Week, and Weekend.

    Community: Kat Radio will highlight community events and happenings as they are detailed by community leaders.  Using the On-Location hardware, Kat News will also be able to broadcast LIVE events such as WISD Board Meetings, City Political events, Community-wide fundraisers, etc.

    Educational: Kat Radio will also air teacher-created podcasts upon request.  These podcasts can include lectures, book readings, or any other curriculum-related content they deem necessary for students to listen to outside of class time.

    Talk: Kat Radio may elect to add broadcasted segments in which school personnel or community members talk about issues that relate directly to the student body.  Upon clearance by administration, these talk shows could discuss things such as Peer Pressure, Making Choices, College Life, etc.