Mr. Edward Rynearson



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Edward Rynearson

Principal, Fifth Avenue High School, Pittsburgh, PA 

Founder of the National Honor Society           

First President of NHS

  • About NHS

     The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 to create an organization that would recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. These ideals of scholarship, character, service, and leadership remain as relevant today as they were in 1921. Through NHS chapter service activities, members maintain and extend the qualities that won them selection. Membership is thus both an honor and a commitment.


     NHS promotes recognition for student who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service. Membership is often regarded as a valid indicator that the student will succeed in life and particularly in studies at the post-secondary education level. The National Honor Society member exhibits service demonstrating that the member is willing to use talents and skills for the improvement of society.


    The National Honor Society website is

    If you are a transfer student to WHS from a school where you were inducted into NHS come by room B304 and let Mr. Reed know. He will need to contact the advisor at the school you came from to get verification of your membership before you can be a WHS NHS member.

  • This year I have been asked to wait to do the NHS Induction in the new auditorium in January. So the selection process will not begin until November this year.