• Track Season will start in January! Please make sure you have a physical and have completed your paperwork for the trainers. Be running so you will be in shape. I look forward to working with you this season!! 

    There will be a track meeting Tuesday December the 17th at 2:45 in room A310 for girls who are interested in participating in the track program this year. Please attend if possible. You will need to have a physical to participate once the season starts. See ya Tuesday.

    Hey guys, track season is right around the corner. Please be getting in shape so that you will not be extremely sore after working out the first couple of weeks. You will need to make sure you have a physical by January 20th. The first day of practice is January 21st and you must have a physical to participate. Our first meet will be in the middle of February and you will need to be in shape.

    Please sign up for my remind. Text 81010 and put in @7f6ka9. When you sign up it will notify me. This is the way you will receive communication from me and a way you will be able to communicate with me. Thanks.


    TRACK PRACTICE STARTS TODAY. Meet in the weight room at 2:30. YOU MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL.


    The Willis JV Track Team took 3rd place last night at the Magnolia West meet scoring 83 points. The field events were cancelled due to the weather so only the running events took place. The girls did a great job working hard to compete in each of their events. Contributing to the point total were the following 1st-6th place finishes.

    4x100 relay: 3rd place – Abby Taylor, Ayliyah Nephew, Taylor Hayes, Sophia Runey

    4x200 relay: 3rd place – Abby Taylor, Sophia Runey, Kameesha Epps, Taylor Hayes

    4x400 relay: 3rd place – Sure Ibukun, Taylor Mapston, Madeline Rice, Abby Taylor

    100 hurdles: 3rd place -Katie Leggett

    100 M Dash: 2nd place - Carla Garcia

    400 M Dash: 2nd place - Taylor Mapston, 3rd place - Sure Ibukun

    300 hurdles: 4th place – Katie Leggett, 6th place - Meaghan Malloy

    200 M Dash: 4th place – Taylor Hayes, 5th place – Carla Garcia

    1600 Run: 3rd place - Kyley Tharp (PR)

    Also participating in the meet were the following: Jolie Boyd, Bianca Gutierrez, Ashleigh Rey-Cook, and  Julianna Needham.

    Great job girls!

    The next JV meet will be February 19th in Magnolia. Hope to see ya there.


    The Willis Varsity Track Team competed in the Harriman Relays Thursday night in New Caney. The meet had 12 total teams. The girls competed well in their events but were not able to bring home any medals.

    The following girls participated in the meet in these events:

    Stephanie Keele -  3200

    Julianna Garcia – 3200 and 1600

    Maritzha Vega -  800

    Alyssa Geisbush – 100 and 300 hurdles

    The next varsity track meet will be in Coldspring on the 20th. Hope to see you there.


    The Willis JV Track girls traveled to Magnolia Wednesday placing 4th. Field events were cancelled again this week so only running events took place. The girls scored a total of 59 points and competed well in their events. Placing 1st-6th place and scoring points for our team were:

    4x100 (3rd place) – Bianca Gutierrez, Ayliyah Nephew, Taylor Hayes, Sophia Runey

    4x200 (4th place) – Bianca Gutierrez, Sophia Runey, Madeline Rice, Taylor Hayes

    100 hurdles: Katie Leggett – 1st place, Meaghan Malloy – 4th place

    300 hurdles: Katie Leggett – 1st place, Meaghan Malloy – 3rd place

    200: Taylor Hayes – 2nd place, Sophia Runey – 5th place

    800: Kyley Tharp – 1st place

    1600: Kyley Tharp – 5th place

    Others who competed in the meet included: Jolie Boyd, Ashleigh Rey-Cook and Julianna Needham, Ariana Robles, Rilynn Tomas.

    Great job girls!

    The JV team competes again next Thursday 2-27 in Huntsville.


    The Willis Varsity Girl’s track team competed in the Trojan Relays in Coldspring last night placing 6th out of 14 teams scoring 24 total points. The field events were cancelled again due to the weather so the point totals came from running events only. The girls did a great job competing especially considering how harsh the weather was. Earning points placing 1st – 6th were the following individuals.


    4x400 (4th place): Abby Taylor, Sure Ibukun, Taylor Mapston and Alyssa Geisbush

    400 M Run: 5th place - Alyssa Geisbush

    1600: 4th place - Juliana Garcia and 5th place – Stephanie Keele

    3200: 3rd place – Juliana Garcia and 4th place – Stephanie Keele


    Others competing at the meet for Willis include: Marithza Vega, Jakyah Pierson, and Janiah Traylor.

    Good job girls!  The next varsity meet will be February 27th in Porter.


    Fundraisers coming up:

    Adrenaline (all by phone). You will need to get 20 people to help you out by donating money to you.  Be thinking of who you are going to ask. You will need their contact information. More to come on this topic Monday the 24th.

    Please remember to save Friday March 6th on your calendar as a work day. We will be having our Stay and Play fundraiser at Meador from 1:45 - 5:00. Please plan to help out. Thanks.



    The Willis Ladykat JV Track Team competed in the Huntsville JV Track meet in Huntsville Thursday night. The girls had an impressive night scoring 134 points and finishing in 2nd place. The individuals scoring points by placing 1st – 6th place in their events were:


    4x100 (3rd place): Bianca Gutierrez, Ayliyah Nephew, Janiah Traylor, Ariana Robles

    4x200 (5th place): Bianca Gutierrez, Janiah Traylor, Madeline Rice, Ariana Robles

    100 Hurdles: Katie Leggett – 2nd place, Meaghan Malloy – 6th place

    300 Hurdles: Katie Leggett – 1st place, Lucy Smith – 2nd place, Meaghan Malloy – 5th place

    100 M: Rilynn Tomas – 5th place

    200 M: Emily Giles – 3rd place, Ariana Robles – 5th place

    400 M: Lauren Dabney – 3rd place

    800 M: Kyley Tharp – 1st place

    1600 M: Kyley Tharp – 2nd, Jolie Boyd – 3rd place

    3200 M: Julianna Needham – 4th place

    Shot: Keziah Eldridge – 3rd place

    Disc: Aliviah Hood – 6th place

    Long jump: Lucy Smith – 1st place

    Triple jump: Lucy Smith – 2nd place, Emily Giles – tied for 4th place

    High jump: Madeline Rice – 1st place, Meaghan Malloy – 3rd place


    Other participants included: Kameeshia Epps, Shardria Johnson, and Chamia Perry.


    Great job girls!


    The next JV meet is Thursday March 5th at Lake Creek. Come out and support your Ladykats.



    The Ladykat Varsity Track Team competed in the Porter Spartan Relays last night. The girls did a good job competing despite the cold weather finishing in 6th place and scoring 37 points for the night.

    Individuals contributing to the points scored by placing 1st – 6th were:

    4x100 (5th place): Abby Taylor, Jakyah Pierson, Sophia Runey, Taylor Hayes

    3200: Juliana Garcia – 2nd place, Stephanie Keele – 4th place

    400: Taylor Mapston – 6th place

    Discus: Kaitlin Chaffin – 3rd place with a personal best of 99’-5”.

    Other individuals participating in the meet were:  Alyssa Geisbush, Sure Ibukun, and Marithza Vega.

    The next varsity meet will be in Huffman March 5th. Come out and support your Ladykats.



    The Willis JV Track Team finished in 8th place in the Lake Creek JV Meet Thursday night earning 25.5 points. Several girls contributed to the total points by placing 1st – 6th place in the meet. Girls earning points for Willis did so in the following events:

    4x100 (6th place): Janiah Traylor, Ariana Robles, Bianca Gutierrez, Ayliyah Nephew

    800: Kyley Tharp – 3rd place

    1600: Kyley Tharp – 3rd place

    300 Hurdles: Lucy Smith – 3rd place

    Long Jump: Lucy Smith – 5th place

    High Jump: Madeline Rice – 3rd place

    Other participants in the track meet were: Reece Edmiston, Lauren Dabney, Keziah Eldridge, Kameesha Epps, Emily Giles, Aliviah Hood, Shardria Johnson, Katie Leggett, Meaghan Malloy, Abigail McDowell, Julianna Needham, Chamia Perry, and Rilynn Tomas.

    Good job girls! The next JV meet will take place in our own Yates Stadium Wednesday March 18th.


    The Ladykat Varsity Track Team competed in the Huffman Relays Thursday night. There were 14 teams competing. The girls gave their all but only earned 4 total points.

    Kaitlin Chaffin was the only girl placing 1st – 6th place in the meet. She placed 4th in the shot throwing a distance of 32’2”.

    Even though the girls (Abby Taylor, Jakyah Pierson, Sophia Runey and Taylor Hayes) did not score points in the 4x200 relay, they were successful in running their best time of the year with a 1:53.06. The same was true for the 4x400 relay. The girls (Abby Taylor, Stephanie Keele, Taylor Mapston, and Alyssa Geisbush) ran their best time of the year with a 4:34.80 cutting off 9 seconds.

     Juliana Garcia and Marithza Vega also competed in the track meet.

    Good job girls! The girls will compete next in the Willis Varsity Track Meet on March 19th at Yates Stadium.