• 2018-2019 Ladykat Track to begin shortly - mark your calendars!

    January 14th - student interest meeting in the LGI room at 2:45. It should not last longer than an hour. Please make sure you have a parent to pick you up afterwards if you do not drive.

    January 16th - parent meeting at 5:30 in the LGI room. Please make sure you have a parent there.
    January 22nd - first day of practice. Meet at the track at 3:30. Don't be late!
    You will need to have a physical to participate. If you have not already gotten your physical do so as soon as possible so you will be able to start on January 22nd.
    Please make sure you mark your calendars to work our fundraisers and our track meets this year as well.
    Fundraisers: Stay N Play at Meador March 8th, Stay N Play at Turner March 22.
    Track Meets: JV track meet March 20th, V track meet March 21st.
    See yall soon!!
    The JV Track Team traveled to Montgomery Wednesday night to compete in its first competition of the year. The girls did a good job scoring 96 points. The following individuals contributed to the points:
    4x100 Relay (3rd place): Carla Garcia, Bianca Gutierrez, Indy Lovelady, Shemaiah Eldridge
    4x200 Relay (3rd place): Carla Garcia, Bianca Gutierrez, Surefunmi Ibukun, Kaleyana Bankhead
    4x400 Relay (3rd place): Alyssa Geisbush, Shemaiah Eldridge, Surefunmi Ibukun, Kinzie Rigsby
    100 M Dash: Shemaiah Eldridge - 4th place
    400 M Dash: Alyssa Geisbush - 1st place
                       Kinsey Rigsby - 3rd place
    1600 M Run: Stephanie Keele - 4th place
                        Juliana Garcia - 5th place
    3200 M Run: Stephanie Keele - 5th place
                        Juliana Garcia - 6th place
    300 hurdles: Destynee Carter - 3rd place
                       Elizabeth Chaney - 4th place
    Long Jump: Kaleyana Bankhead - 2nd place
                      Indy Lovelady - 3rd place
    Triple Jump: Kaleyana Bankhead - 5th place
                       Indy Lovelady - 6th place
    High Jump: Elizabeth Chaney - 5th place
    Discus: Quenisha Ellison - 5th place
    Good job Ladykats! Next meet for the JV team is Wednesday 2-20 in Magnolia.
    The Ladykat Varsity Track Team traveled to New Caney Thursday night to compete in the Harriman Relays. Kaitlin Chaffin placed 6th in the shot put. The next meet will be 2-21-19 in Porter.


    The Ladykat JV track team competed in Magnolia Wednesday night placing 4th with 74 points. Contributing to the points were:

    4x100  relay– 4th place: Destynee Carter, Carla Garcia, Keemisha Epps, Bianca Guiterrez

    4x200 relay– 4th place: Carla Garcia, Bianca Guiterrez, Taylor Brandley, Aliyiah Nephew

    4x400 relay– 3rd place: Alyssa Geisbush, Taylor Brandley, Bianca Guiterrez, Sure Ibukun

    3200 M – 1st place: Stephanie Keele

                      2nd place: Juliana Garcia

    1600 M– 2nd place: Stephanie Keele

                      3rd place: Juliana Garcia

    800 M- 2nd place: Alyssa Geisbush

                 6th place: Abigail Lopez

    400 M– 3rd place: Sure Ibukun

                   5th place: Alyssa Geisbush

    100 M– 5th place: Destynee Carter

    300 hurdles – 6th place: Destynee Carter

    Discus – 5th place: Avari Ford

    Great job girls!


    The Ladykat JV track team competed in the Lake Creek meet Wednesday night in Montgomery, earning 2nd with 121.33 points. It was a good night for the girls as they competed hard and were successful as a result. Great job girls! Contributing to the points were:

    Relays/Running events:

    4x100 (1st place): Bianca Gutierrez, Jasmine Kelly, Kaleyana Bankhead, Shemaiah Eldridge

    4x200 (2nd place): Bianca Gutierrez, Kaleyana Bankhead, Destynee Carter, Jasmine Kelly

    4x400 (3rd place): Alyssa Geisbush, Bianca Gutierrez, Sure Ibukun, Jasmine Kelly

    100 Hurdles: Alyssa Geisbush – 2nd place

    300 Hurdles: Elizabeth Chaney – 5th place

    100 M: Shemaiah Eldridge – 2nd place

    200 M: Carla Garcia – 4th place

    400 M: Alyssa Geisbush – 3rd place, Sure Ibukun – 5th place

    1600 M: Juliana Garcia – 6th place

    3200 M: Juliana Garcia – 3rd place

    Field Events:

    Long Jump: Jasmine Kelly – 1st place, Kaleyana Bankhead – 2nd place

    Triple Jump: Jasmine Kelly – 1st place, Kaleyana Bankhead – 3rd place

    High Jump: Elizabeth Chaney – tied for 3rd place


    The girls will compete next in the Willis JV meet 3-20-19.


    Kaitlin Chaffin threw both the shot and discus Thursday night in the Cy Creek Cougar Relays. Although she placed only placed 8th in both events, she did throw a pr in each event. Kaitlin will compete next in the Willis High School Varsity Track Meet Thursday 3-21-19 .