• Vision Statement: To provide guidance and resources that support student and staff success.

    Mission Statement: The mission of the Federal Programs & Grants Department is to support district-wide efforts to close the achievement gaps affecting students whose educational opportunities are limited by low-performing schools, to increase involvement among parents and other stakeholders, to support high-quality and comprehensive educational programs for all students, and to ensure ALL Willis ISD students are well-served as One Team with One Purpose

    Core Values: Willis ISD Federal Grant Program Department’s Core Values consist of:

    • Facilitating funding to support student programs
    • Providing guidance to ensure grant program compliance
    • Growing the district’s awareness of compliance and funding through continuous campus and central support

    How we can help!

    The Federal Programs & Grants Department works with other district personnel to seek, obtain, and administer special revenue programs. Special revenue programs are programs and activities funded through federal, state, local, and private funding sources.

    Federal Funds Support Education

    Willis ISD students and staff benefit significantly from federal funding received every school year. Federal, state, and other sources continuously work together to provide support for our students and staff with the goal of college and career readiness for every Willis ISD student.

    Federally funded programs include:

    • ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act
      • Title I, Part A – Improving Basic Programs
      • Title II, Part A – Supporting Effective Instruction
      • Title III, Part A – English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act
      • Title IV, Part A – Student Support and Academic Enrichment
    • Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education
    • State Compensatory Education

    Department Contact:
    Meghan Ballard - Grant Program Coordinator