• Profile of a LEARNER

    A Willis ISD learner will...

    Be ready for the global work environment

    • Prepared for college, career, and/or military service pathways
    • Self-motivated to set and achieve individual learning goals
    • Understand and use effective learning techniques to apply knowledge
    • Use technology to create and innovate Exhibit financial literacy skill


    Build and model respectful relationships

    • Understands and values diversity, and embraces differences
    • Effectively communicates, listens, and collaborates with others
    • Self-reliant, productive community member


    Utilize a growth mindset

    • Lifelong learner who accepts failure as part of the learning process
    • Open-minded and accepts constructive criticism
    • Thinks critically and problem solves to acquire and apply new knowledge
    • Innovates, creates, and takes risk to achieve long term goals


    Exhibit personal values

    • Displays honesty, integrity, and reliability
    • Manages time, resources and responsibilities
    • Encourages curiosity, perseverance, and resilience in the presence of adversity
    • Understands and participates in activities that promote intellectual, physical and emotional balance


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