Lagway Elementary is currently under construction and will open to students in August 2021. The school is located at 11505 Pine Valley Drive, at the corner of Longmire/Pine Valley. The new school will alleviate overcrowding at both Meador and Turner, and is located in the district’s fast growing southwest corner. Currently Meador and Turner Elementary each have approximately 830 students enrolled. The rezoning process will impact students attending both of these schools, plus current Roark Pre-K students moving onto Kindergarten next year. This is necessary in order to populate the new school.     


    PASA (Population and Survey Analysts) presented an updated demographic study to the school board at the board meeting April 21. In conjunction with this presentation, the demographers presented two zoning options to district administration, board members and the transportation department. This group made a few revisions to the plan, taking into consideration the elements reported as most important on the parent survey conducted in February 2021. The top most important considerations named were: 

    1. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being not important at all and 5 being very important, how important is it to you that your school be located close to your home? 66% of 402 responses ranked a 5 (very important). 
    2. How important are physical and traffic considerations to you? 60% marked 5 (very important).
    3. How important is it to you that schools have demographic equity? 28% marked a 3 (neutral), 18% marked 4 (fairly important) and 37% marked 5 (very important). 

    Other information taken into account include the capacity for future growth at each school, the proximity to the neighborhoods with high projected growth, the ability to run buses and not negatively impact school times, and the ability to move students to our bilingual program schools (Meador and Cannan). 

    Willis ISD would like to get your input regarding the rezoning. We have attached the current zone plus the new zone. We have also included a link with answers to frequently asked questions. The survey will close Sunday, May 2. The board of trustees will vote on the zone at the board of trustees meeting May 12.