• Referral for Assessment

    • Image result for newThe Gifted/Talented Assessment & Identification process will continue when we return to campuses. Adjustments to the G/T Assessment will continue to be posted on the Willis ISD website as updates are available. 
    • Referrals for GT assessment for the 2020-2021 school year should be made to your child's campus counselor or to Jason Merik; Forms are available from your campus counselor or online HERE.
    • Referrals for NEW transfer students can occur throughout the year, however, assessment occurs at three specified times per year.
      • Fall - Out of District GT Transfer students only (as needed should sending district criteria not matching WISD)
      • Winter - Kinder Only
      • late Winter/early Spring - Grades 1+
    • Information regarding the referral process, how students are assessed, and how students are served in Willis ISD (see attached slideshow below).

    Things to Consider when Referring for Gifted & Talented Assessment

    Cosas que se deben de considerar  cuando evalúe a los superdotados

    General Information about the Gifted & Talented Program:
    The Gifted & Talented Program in Willis at the elementary level is a cluster program. Identified gifted students in grades 1-5** are served in the classroom by their home- and/or switch- classroom teachers to work on advanced-level differentiated assignments or projects at the child's ability level, as well as team-building, social and emotional needs of the gifted, creative & critical thinking. For more detailed information about how children are served on specific campuses, please contact the campus administrator.

    GT students at the secondary level are served in their classrooms (level, Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit) through differentiated instruction and assignments.

    **(Kindergarten students are assessed and placed in the Spring semester)

    Teacher Checklist

    Furlough Request

  • For more information about GT Services, contact:
    Jason Merik, District Science and GT Coordinator