• BOND 2020

    On February 10, 2020, the Willis ISD Board of Trustees adopted an order to call for a bond election May 2, 2020. 

    The bond proposal was presented to the Board by two members of the Long Term Planning Committee during the regular board meeting February 10, 2020. The committee, which convened in August 2019, was comprised of parents, school board members, teachers, administrators, and other community members who either reside in the school district's boundaries or who have children enrolled. A survey requesting committee membership was posted to the district website and social media August 1-19, 2019. Applicants were placed on a spreadsheet and an equal number per campus was chosen to represent the campus in the meetings.

    During meetings, the commitee was presented with information from a variety of sources to consider, including: 

    - Results from a demographic update presented in May 2019 by College Station-based Population and Survey Analysts;
    - District attendance numbers
    - A list of district-wide facility ages, statuses and needs

    After presentations, the participating committee members broke into small groups to consider the information and hear various viewpoints. They studied district growth, facility and other needs identified by administration or committee members, and related financial considerations. 

    Long Term Planning Committee Meeting Dates:
    - Sept. 23, 2019
    - Oct. 28, 2019
    - Nov. 19, 2019
    - Jan. 8, 2020
    - Jan. 21, 2020
    - Feb. 3, 2020
    - Feb. 10, 2020 (Board Meeting Presentation)