Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Shacie Richey

Welcome to Kindergarten,

Mrs Richey came to Meador Fall of 2019 as a Kindergarten teacher and moved to fourth grade for the 20-21 year, which is her very favorite grade to teach! She will continue to teach 4th grade ELA and social studies for the 21-22 year and is very excited to share the year with our students. She moved to Texas in 2012 and to Montgomery in 2013 from New Mexico. She started her teaching career in 2007 as a kindergarten teacher outside of a Navajo Reservation, where she welcomed a very culturally diverse population. She later went on to be the teacher of gifted fourth through sixth graders there.  In 2012 she moved to Texas. She has 5 children total, four of whom are now grown. Her youngest son was born in Texas and she was fortunate to stay home with him and her older children until he entered school, but missed the students and loved returning to teaching in 2019. She has a passion for learning and loves having a career where she gets to share her love of learning with her students.  She also loves children and it is her hope that each child who comes into her classrtoom feels valued, smart, important and has learned to recognize his or her own strengths and gifts so they will be able to confidently begin their journey into becoming a valued member of society!