Mr. Eheca Aztlah

Phone: 936-856-1250


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Spanish Language and Culture by the University of Salamanca, Spain Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration by The National Polytechnic Instituto, Mexico Alternative Certification Program by the University of Saint Thomas and Region VI ESC in Houston, TX

Mr. Eheca Aztlah

Covid19 Message:

Buenos días.

I want to give you a virtual welcome to this new virtual classroom. I am sorry that we have to move to virtual learning under these circumstances, but hopefully, we'll be able to make good use of our resources.

We have about 30% of the course to cover but this should not be a stressing factor for you. Rest assured that we will be moving at a very light pace without too much of a workload.

Our Canvas calendar will reflect learning objectives and  time span to attain them. The resources you may access to master the objectives will be on Canvas for PAP classes and on Edmentum for grade level classes.

Also, we will be having virtual tutoring sessions on Fridays to solve questions you may submit via email as you move along the course.

You are expected to work between one and two hours a week on each of your subjects and attend the Friday zoom sessions. You just have to click on the invitation link to join the conference.

Remember, I am a friendly facilitator of your learning and I am here to support your academic success. I am not perfect and I am sure I will have to be making a bunch of mistakes as we navigate together these uncharted waters of online learning.

Wishing you the best of these conflicting times...

Mr. Aztlah.

Mr. Aztlah is a linguist by trade and has a career in multilingual translation and interpretation. He has been an educator for over 39 years. He has taught a broad range of school ages, from Pre-K to Graduate school (Foreign Languages). He is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and French. He knows German and Portuguese and he has notions of Russian and Japanese. He also speaks Nahuatl, a Native American language pertaining to the Uto-Aztech family. He is married with three daughters and five grandchildren.

He is the co-director of a non-profit organization called Chikawa, dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Education, Culture and Tradition of the native peoples of the Americas through academic and cultrural activities.

He loves the outdoors and sports ativities, anything from rafting and rock climbing to fishing and tennis.

He believes there should be a balance between modern life and respect for our planet and environment in order to have a sustainable world.