• R.I.S.E. 

    Relationships Inspiring Students' Education

    What is R.I.S.E.? 

    R.I.S.E. Mentoring is a collaborative effort between community volunteers and district educators to positively influence student's lives. Adult mentors spend time weekly with a student to build caring relationships, inspire personal growth, and provide stability to their lives. 

    Who can be a mentor? 

    A mentor is a trustworthy, committed adult who cares about students' educational and personal development, and wants to invest time and wisdom in the future of our youth. A mentor is someone with a smiling, friendly face and a compassionate, caring heart. Mentors serve as a steady, consistent role model for students from sixth through twelfth grade. Mentors provide a reliable presence to encourage, coach and give new perspective to the problems and challenges our students face. 

    What does it entail?

    Mentors and students are paired by gender and meet for lunch at school every other week. The meetings are scheduled at the mentor's convenience. The mentor brings a quick and easy lunch for the student, typically from a fast-food establishment. Mentors retain their paired student for as many years as they are available to continue mentoring, which helps build a strong relationship for the student.

    To learn more about becoming a mentor, please email lelmore@willisisd.org or keckert@willisisd.org.

Phone: 936-856-1274, ext. 3483


Degrees and Certifications:

Leigh Ann Elmore, Mentoring Coordinator

Cell: 936-537-4585



Degrees and Certifications:

Kim Eckert

Mentoring Program Assistant