Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. David Bunce

about me?? Okay then- I was educated at the University of Houston. I played basketball in another century and was fortunate to be on a couple of pretty decent teams. I was married to a wonderful girl for fifteen years who gave me two lovely daughters. I have since added a very talented son in law and a couple of grandsons. I like to read a lot, non fiction is a favorite as is apologetics and philosophy. I am interested in learning to draw and paint and enjoy that challenge. My tech skills stink and I am trying to move into modern times- but I still carry a flip-phone which causes endless snickering and eye rolling amongst my family, friends, and colleagues. (did you see that 4th graders?  commas in a series! learn it- live it). 

I am proud and happy to be here at CC Hardy for my seventeenth year.  Lots of really exciting things going on around here. The enthusiasm from the staff about our program is as high as I can remember. The children are just as talented as they have always been and I feel blessed to be able to help them grow. Thanks  parents for allowing me to be part of their lives- it is a great honor.