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Mrs. Carla Cobb

Sweet Summertime!

Get ready, get set, because here we go.

You're ready for summer fun, that's what I know.

I will miss you as my students each and every day.

You would stay in my class if I had it my way.

There's one important thing I beg you to do.

Have fun, relax, but make some school time too.

I'm asking you to take just a little time out,

To do some reviewing sometime throughout.

It's important to start next year off strong,

And prove that this new grade is just where you belong.

I will be missing you each and every day.

Hoping everything this summer goes your way.

We have to say goodbye,

This year really did fly right by.

I have watched you grow, and I am so proud of you.

I hope that you are proud of your success, too.

Have a safe summer and remember what you have learned, 

This free time for you is surely something earned!

Happy Summer To You!

Love, Mrs. Cobb