Dr. Linda Crowl



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Dr. Linda Crowl

Dr. Linda Crowl teaches AP Economics, DC Economics, DC Federal Government, and DC Texas Government.

Welcome to college study!

Government and economics are at the very heart of our daily human interactions, and these courses aim to develop students’ appreciation for the interaction of economics and government, to develop students’ study skills in preparation for more tertiary education and for their careers, and to develop our young citizens’ abilities to participate in our republic. 

For economics and government classes, reading, note taking, and writing are essential skills.  Economics students are expected to be able to solve problems not only in writing, but also using graphs and other mathematical skills. 

The college textbooks we use pack much information into each lesson.  Students must do the assigned reading and problem sets on a daily basis and come to class prepared to answer questions and to participate in discussion. 

The best way to contact me is via email: lcrowl@willisisd.org

1st period    7:20 – 8:06  DC Government

2th period    8:13 – 8:59  AP Economics

3th period    9:06 – 9:52  DC Government

Academy     9:59 – 10:26  Academy

4th period  10:33 – 11:19  DC Government

5th period  11:26 – 12:19  DC Government

C Lunch     12:19 – 12:49

6th period  12:56 – 1:42  DC Economics

7th period    1:49 – 2:35  Conference