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Mrs. Vanessa Tindall





Dear Parent/Guardian,


Thank you for allowing your child to participate in the Willis High School Cosmetology Program!

The Cosmetology Department will work very hard to make this a great experience and opportunity for your son or daughter.

Course Format:

Our program is specifically designed to help the student acquire the skills and knowledge required by TDLR and needed to become a licensed cosmetologist. Students who participate and successfully complete the course requirements during their junior and senior year of high school will be required to complete the written and the practical portion of the TDLR Operators Exam before graduation. The testing date for all eligible students will be arranged by the instructor. The transportation is provided by WISD. Students not finishing as eligible will be responsible for making their own arrangements and furnishing their own transportation.

One of the best benefits of our program is our work ready assistance. This component alone will help your child develop the skill needed to enter into the job market immediately after high school. Our curriculum includes instruction covering effective communication, organization, interpersonal planning, and professionalism skills. This will not only help your child in the field of Cosmetology, but will help the student overall, as he/she takes the leap from high school into adulthood.

This course will be an arrangement of lectures on Cosmetology theories, practical demonstrations, and student involvement. Students will exhibit their knowledge of Cosmetology theory and application ability through their completion of the mandatory practical and clinical activities. Students will also demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the clinic on patrons. Supplemented instruction will be presented with guest speakers, video demonstrations, other visual aids, and field trips. Field trips may include hair shows, off-campus classes, and Skills USA competitions.

Program Goals:


  • Quality instruction
  • Development of skills
  • Work ready assistance
  • Maintenance of a safe and inviting physical environment
  • Encourage students to assume leadership roles
  • Prepare students to work in culturally and ethnically diverse global communities
  • Expand training partnerships with the industry to ensure that students are abreast of latest skills and techniques needed to be successful
  • Commitment to making our program one of the most memorable experiences for each student
  • Establish effective working relationships with students, parents, and high school staff members.


Contact Information:

Office     936-856-1250 Ext 7421