Bus Information

Car Rider Information

    • If your child needs to be a car rider, you MUST use a school issued car rider sign.
    • To request a sign email, meadortransportation@willisisd.org. We need the child's name/grade/teacher. Signs must be picked up in the front office before 3:00.
    • Car rider pick up starts at 4:00 and usually lasts about 30 minutes. 
    • Once started, please drive your vehicle to the cone you have been instructed to go to.
    • An employee will open your door to let your child in. 

    The safety of our students is very important to us. Please drive safely, stay in line, and do not use your phone in the school zone. 



    No Cell Phone Zone

Transportation Changes

    • Please email meadortransportation@willisisd.org by 2:00 PM with your transportation changes for the day. We send a list to teachers, at that time, to let them know of the changes. Thank you for your understanding.


    • For safety reasons, if you are picking your child up early, please do so before 3:30. If you arrive after 3:30, you’ll be asked to wait in the car rider line until dismissal.