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Hayward, Terry Martin » Teacher of History at Stubblefield Academy

Teacher of History at Stubblefield Academy

I hold a Bachelor's Degree (History/English), a Master's Degree (History) and a Social Science Composite (Social Studies) all from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. This is my 37th year with Willis ISD. I spent 30 years teaching every history/social studies class offered at Willis High School at all levels (IB, AP, PreAP, TAKS, Level and Resource). I was also department chair of the Social Studies Department for 9 years. Currently, (as of fall of 2011) I am teaching all Social Studies classes for grades 7-12 at the district's alternative school. This is my 7th year at Stubblefield (Academy) Alternative School (DAEP). I am enjoying teaching new subjects and meeting new students. Stubblefield is located at 207 Philpot by the bus barn. Come check us out because great things happen at SAS! We ROAR because we are Wildkats!
I am now called G-Mama because my daughter gave birth to a beautiful little girl on June 24th. Her name is Essha (E-sah). I call her Sugar Mama because she is so sweet.

D=Discipline A=Attitude E=Effort P=Performance

2017-2018 Class Schedule:
Breakfast Duty (6:50-7:10)--Middle School Cafe
1st Period (7:11-8:20) Conference
2nd Period (8:21-9:09) Focused Writing Classes [with Mrs. Stephanie Stelter]
*We focus on how to correctly answer short (and long) essay questions.
Monday 10th grade
Tuesday 11th-12th grades
Wednesday-planning (no class)
Thursday 7th-8th grades
Friday 9th grade
3rd Period (9:10-10:29 US Government/Economics
4th Period (10:20-11:29) Texas History/US History-Beginning to 1877-7/8 grades
LUNCH (11:30-12:00)-duty on Wednesday in High School Cafe
5th Period (12:01-1:10) World Geography-9 grade
6th Period (1:11-2:20) World History-10th grade
**After school tutorials-when necessary by appointment.

ALL Social Studies textbooks are on-line. Each student has an on-line textbook and account. Please encourage your students to complete all work in their account even while here at Stubblefield.