Willis Independent School District

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One Team - One Purpose

Willis ISD works together as  ONE TEAM  with  ONE PURPOSE.  Our purpose is to ensure that our students are career ready and have the necessary skills to succeed in life.  Everyone is a Willis Wildkat and pulls together as a team to ensure that each student reaches their highest potential.  Willis ISD recognizes the exceptional work of our dedicated Wildkats by selecting a staff member who goes the extra mile to ensure student success as the Most Valuable Player “MVP” for the month.

In addition, campuses annually nominate two staff members for district-wide recognition as Teachers and Paraprofessionals of the Year. 

There are tests to measure whether students have learned the core curriculum.  There is no test, however, to measure the impact of the kind acts and words of encouragement that happen on our campuses every day. Click on the links to the right to listen, watch, and be amazed!