Willis Independent School District

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DAEP Dress Code

Not Allowed Allowed

Stubblefield DAEP Dress Code


All students are REQUIRED to wear the following:

  1.      A plain black collared polo shirt (no writing, pockets or pictures) small manufacturer’s logo 1” or smaller permitted.
  •     Shirt must be tucked in at all times.
  •     A plain white, gray or black long sleeve t-shirt (no writing or pictures on t-shirt) may be worn under the collared shirt.
  •     NO long sleeve sweatshirts or sweaters under a collared shirt.
  •     NO visible undergarments.
  •     Girls: NO (campus staff determines acceptability)


  1.     Blue jeans, black or khaki slacks.
  •     NO shorts, Capri’s, low-rise or baggy/saggy pants.
  •     NO basketball shorts or shorts with pockets may be worn under pants.
  •     NO cuffed or rolled up pants. ALL pants must be ankle length.
  •     NO distressed fabrics, holes, tears, bleach spots, logos, frayed, etc.


  1.     Shoes:
  •     Tennis shoes with socks.
  •     NO boat shoes.
  •     NO boots allowed.


  1.     Belt:
  •     Belt should be normal thickness; brown or black only.
  •     NO large/ornate buckles.
  •     NO studs or inappropriate logos on belt or buckle.