Willis Independent School District

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Grants in Action

 2016-2017 Individual Grants Awarded:
Drumming Up Success
Virtual Reality Viewers
2016-2017 Departmental Grants Awarded:
"Malletable" Moments
Crash Bags
Certified Nursing Assistant Clinical Lab
Instruments in the Music Classroom
Lights, CAMERAS, Action!!
Augmented Reality
Groovy Graphics
Interactive Science and Social Studies eBooks
Strumming and Drumming
iTeach, iLearn: iPads for the Fine Arts Classroom
Additions to Data-Collection Technology using Go!Link
Interactive eBooks for Middle School
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Hot Dots
Fluency Made Fun
Technology for All Learners
Listen While You Read
Interactive eBooks for Middle School
3D Printing

 2015-2016 Individual Grants Awarded:
Chromebooks in the classroom
Literacy Centers
2015-2016 Departmental Grants Awarded:
Puedo Leer (I can Read)
Listen While You Read
Data-Collection Technology using GO! Link Interface and Sensors
Building Fluency with Listening Centers
Motivating Unmotivated Learners
Fine Arts Teacher
Grow Grow Greenhouse
Recycling through campus and social responsibility
Safety Modifications and Upgrades to Outdoor Theatre Stage
The Learning Carpets
RAZed for Reading
Math & Litercy with Versa Tiles

2014-2015 Individual Grants Awarded:
Projection into the Future
Technology Enhances the Human Touch
2014-2015 Departmental Grants Awarded:
Sound System for Workshop Theatre
Marvelous Music Instruction
Technology To Learn
Recording Studio Phase 2
The Magic of the Learning Carpet
Pre-K Gross Motor Fund
A Little Love and Logic for the Classroom

2013-2014 Individual Grants Awarded:
Solving the mystery using forensic science
Solving crimes using forensic science
Choir Room Projector
Real World Music Engineering
2013-2014 Departmental Grants Awarded:
Making Math Matter: Using iPads to Enhance Instruction
Workshop Theatre
Gizmos - Virtual Learning
Technology in Fine Arts
Ti-Nspire Calculators
Video Studio Project
Purchase of Brother PR 1000E Embroidery Machine
Outdoor Theatre
Choir Technology

2012-2013 Individual Grants Awarded:
Innovative Technology in the Classroom through Mobi and iPad
eBeam Edge System
iPad Intervention
iPod for Music
Interactive Education
Math/Science Student Scaffolding
2012-2013 Departmental Grants Awarded:
iPads for Education
Musical Instruments for Involved Learning
eBeam Interactive
12 Nexus 7" Tablets
Interactive Music Classroom: Phase 2
eBeam Edge Interactive Whiteboards
Recycling through Campus and Social Responsibility
Interactive Whiteboards
Student Response Systems
Our Secret Garden
STEMscopes for K-5
Handheld Microscope with iPad
Chromebooks in the Social Studies

2011-2012 Individual Grants Awarded:
Visualizing Success

Interactive Student Response System
Mobi View Interactive
2011-2012 Departmental Grants Awarded:
English Acquisition through Rosetta Stone

Auditorium Improvements
Harmony Director: Grades 9-12
Harmony Director: Grades 6-8 (# 1)
Harmony Director: Grades 6-8 (# 2)
Hook Them on Books with a Nook!
Launching the Literacy Lab into the 21st Century
Student Response Systems
Fluent Reading Training
Moving from BICS to CALPS
Wait! I have an app for that!
See it, Touch it, Learn it!
Tablets for Teachers

2010-11 Individual Grants Awarded
A Balancing Act
2010-11 Departmental Grants Awarded
Science/CPS Systems
Creating Confident Readers (1st - 3rd)
Creating Confident Readers (4th & 5th)
CSCOPE Science Kits
Technology Media Studio
Exploring the Seven Continents

2009-10 Individual Grants Awarded
Reading a Series
Smart Slate for Business Education
Algebra III / TI-Nspire
Stability Balls in the Classroom
2009-10 Departmental Grants Awarded
Heart Saver CPR in Schools
Social Responsibility Through Recycling
Technical Writing
Resource World Geography
Greenhouse Grows Student Knowledge
Student Server Storage

Feedback From Prior Grant Recipients:
"I utilized the grant money for CPR training and education. So far, I have certified 42 high school students in the Health Occupations program. The students in the health classes will be certified once they have completed the knowledge and skills section of basic CPR." - Heart Saver CPR in Schools

"The laminated World Maps have come in very handy. My students in W Geo have each had their own map to look at. They use it to locate countries, capitals, and landforms. They are able to write on them with their erasable markers. They can make quick corrections if needed.  I have used them in English as well. We look to see where a story may take place, where the author is from etc...  Thanks so much for giving my resource students a hands on approach to learning" - Resource World Geography