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Parent Support Center » How to Communicate with Children

How to Communicate with Children

* Pleasant eye contact

* Positive comments

* Add these words to your vocabulary
"I was wrong"
"Please forgive me"
"I love you"
"Tell me more"
"I appreciate"
"Thank you"
"I'm sorry"

* Explain things without belittling

* Avoid saying anything negative - until you understand

* Ask, "How can I help?"

* Try to avoid solving another's problems for them

* Free yourself from thinking that...
Being right
Being in Control
..... are the only outcomes to disagreements. In a loving relationship,
if someone wins, both lose. Work instead toward compromising and
cooperating with each other.

* Instead of always saying "You must..." sometimes say, "It would be better if ..."

* Listen, listen, and listen some more!