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Parents and Teachers... What a team!!

The best formula for a child's success in school is a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Both have special skills and insights to share. As a parent, you can strengthen this bond by:

- Getting to know your child's teacher

- Being involved, but not intrusive

- Sharing unique insights about your child (special needs, learning style,
behaviors, etc.)

- Offering to assist the teacher with special projects or needs

- Knowing and supporting classroom rules and guidelines

- Speaking respectfully of the teacher in front of your child

- Keeping the lines of communication open
- Being friendly and warm
- Beginning conversations with a positive statement
- Showing empathy and support

- Recognizing that your child's version is only one side of the story.

- If you are upset, talking with the teacher, not your child
- Waiting until you are calm
- Calling for an appointment

- Respecting the teacher's skills and knowledge

- Recognizing the value of teamwork