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Crime Stoppers

S.A.D.D. & Crime Stoppers 1-888-Kid Chat

Willis Independent School District started Crime Stoppers in 1998. In conjunction with Conroe I.S.D Police Department (which mans the 24 hour phone line) This program designates a tip hot line number 1-888-Kid Chat that students may call to report any illegal activity such as weapons, violence, narcotics, vandalism, etc on school campus. This gives the school district law enforcement the tool to solve crimes that occur on Willis I.S.D. campuses. The information from 1-888-Kid Chat has played an important role of prevention, from stopping altercations to drug distribution. The program is designed to allow the student to remain anonymous by issuing an ID number, which is that they use to claim their cash reward.The students are the eyes and ears of the school and they have a choice to use their voice and report crime on their campus.

1-888-Kid Chat