Willis Independent School District

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School Health Advisory Council

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
SHAC Mission
The Council will promote school and community health by providing advisory to the school district on school health programs, practices, curriculum, and resources.
SHAC Vision
To raise the awareness and increase participation of positive health practices and activities, thus promoting "Healthy Lifestyles".
SHAC Goals
1. To communicate health messages consistently across content areas.
2. To involve families, schools and community.
3. To encourage students and faculty to focus on safety and healthy behaviors for a
4. To encourage commitment from school staff and community leaders to promote best
     health practices.
Why do we need a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
  • It's Texas Law
  • Healthy children learn better
  • Healthy homes and healthy schools support healthy children
The Components of a Coordinated School Health Program include:
  • Family and Community involvement
  • Nutrition services
  • Physical Education
  • Health Education
  • Counseling, psychological & social services
  • Health services
  • Health promotion for school staff
How can I help?
Become knowledgeable about district efforts to create healthy learning environments.  Work with your school's PTA and principal to help implement policies.  Attend SHAC meetings.
For information:  Contact Jamie Fails at 936-856-1217 or jfails@willisisd.org.