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Energy Management » Building Use Requests Procedures & Form

Building Use Requests Procedures & Form

Building Use Requests for employees of WISD.  For outside organizations, click here.
  • All requests must be submitted on the web using the Building Use Request form. (Click the underlined link for the form.)
  • All requests must be received by the energy specialist 2 working days prior to the event start date/time (Example: air/heat support is needed for an event on Thursday; submit by end of day on Monday. Example 2: air/heat support is needed for an event on Tuesday; submit by end of day on Thursday of the previous week.)
  • Provide as much info as you can on the form to avoid confusion/questions.
  • When forms are received and the item is programmed into our Energy Management System for your event, the event will be listed on the Calendar on this website. Check the calendar regularly to make sure your event is there and check the calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • You can submit one day events or multi-day events by selecting the appropriate button on the top of the Building Use Request Form.
Instructions for the Form
  • Follow your campus/department procedures to obtain approvals prior to sending the form
  • School, Activity Name, Contact and person submitting are required fields
  • Be sure to enter dates as mm/dd/yy, use the calendar icon for ease of entry
  • You can use the tab key to go between fields
  • Check all areas this request covers; If the form covers multiple times or dates and the areas needed are different for different times/dates, please make a note of this in the "Notes" section.
  • Add notes if needed for any clarification or special situations.
  • Click "Submit" button.
  • Note: If turning in a form for the use of the auditorium at Lucasit must be reviewed by Secretary Susan Benitez at Lucas who will check for conflicts and get approvals as needed from the principal. When a request for the auditorium is submitted, a copy will be sent to the Lucas Secretary who will OK the date/time and then let me know it is OK to schedule. Allow extra time for this.
  • Please contact Chelsea at X. 7878 with questions.     
For your information:
Normal Air/Heat operation times are:
  • Secondary - 6am - 3:00 pm
  • Elementary - 7am - 4:00 pm
Note: the system is designed to have the buildings at temperature set points (69 heating, 73 cooling) by the AM times listed above, so the air may start several hours earlier. Most rooms maintain the temperature set point at a rate of .5 to 1 degree change per hour, so room temperatures will rise or fall steadily by about a degree per hour after it goes off at the end of the day.
On-line web form is...
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