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Facility Use Procedures

Willis Independent School District
Effective Date:  October 1, 2016
The District shall permit non-school use of designated district facilities for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities when these activities do not conflict with school use or with local policy.  Community groups may use school district buildings and facilities under certain conditions.  Groups request permission to use buildings by contacting the Executive Director of Support Services and by completing a building-use form.  All scheduling aspects are the responsibility of the Superintendent or a designee.  Guidance for groups using buildings is delineated within board policy; Legal Policy GKD and Local Policy GKD.  The following procedures are effective October 1, 2016.
Category 1 Organizations - School Organizations and School Support Organizations
School-affiliated Support Organizations, Parent/Teacher Organizations, Booster Clubs, School Clubs, employee organizations such as ATPE & TSTA and Student Enrichment Programs are examples of school organizations or school support organizations.
Category 2 Organizations – Local Community Youth or Service Organizations
The majority of the youth involved or effected by these groups must be from the Willis ISD area.
Willis Youth Football Associations, Willis Youth Athletic Associations, Willis Chapter Boy Scouts, Willis Chapter Girl Scouts, Willis Cub Scouts, local AAU Clubs and Willis 4-H Clubs are examples of Local Community Youth Organizations.  Also included in this category are the Lions Club, the Kiwanis, Willis Ex-Student groups and patriotic organizations such as the American Legion, VFW, etc.
Category 3 Organizations - Other Organizations
(Groups that are not considered (Category 1) School Organizations, School Support Organizations or (Category 2) Local Community Youth or Service Organizations)
Adult Sports Associations, Black History Association, Beauty Pageants, Individuals, Businesses, Churches, Dance Schools, Day Care Centers, and Property Owner Associations are examples of this category.  Individuals or Businesses are prohibited from using school facilities for profit except events permitted by Board Policy GKD.
Facility - Any school district building or part of a building; grounds, including stadiums and stadium lights are examples of a facility.
Local Community Youth or Service Organization - A non-profit organization promoting youth or community service activities that primarily benefit youth and the local community served by the Willis Independent School District.
Groups that are in Category 1 - (School Organizations and School Support Organizations) shall be exempted from fees for operation (rental), but will pay supervision, security, and custodial services when circumstances warrant.
Groups that are in Category 2 - (Local Community Youth or Service Organizations) shall be exempted from fees for operation (rental) but will pay supervision, security, clean-up or other expenses incurred as the result of their usage.  Groups or organizations requesting use of a facility may, under certain circumstances, be required to submit documentation to verify non-profit status.  Organization must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance.  Groups or organizations in this category must pay a facility use fee in addition to the Personnel on Duty fee when using district facilities during the summer months of June, July & August.  Fees are designated in the Facility Area Fee Chart on page 3 of these guidelines.
Groups that are in Category 3 - (Other Organizations) must pay the customary fees for operation (rental) as published by the superintendent.  In addition to rental fees they will pay any costs for supervision, security, clean up or other expenses incurred as the result of their usage of a facility.  A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required.
All Groups in All Categories must pay rental fee for facility usage on Sundays in accordance with the District Energy Savings plan.  Fees are designated in the Facility Area Fee Chart on page 3 of these guidelines.
Academic and extracurricular activities sponsored by the District shall always have priority, as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent or designee, when any use is scheduled.  Facility use events will be scheduled but not guaranteed available until the date of use.  If a school function arises which conflicts with your use the school activity takes precedence.  When scheduling events, every effort is made to make sure that conflicts do not occur.  If an event has to be cancelled the group or organization will be given as much notice as possible. Rentals will be limited to a minimum on designated school holidays or holiday weekends.  All rentals must end by 10:30 PM Monday through Friday.  Rentals during the summer recess (June, July, and August) will be limited due to summer cleaning.
All groups using school facilities shall be responsible for the cost of repairing any damages incurred during use and shall be required to indemnify the District for the cost of any such repairs.  Non-school sponsored groups must submit Proof of Liability Insurance prior to the date of use.
Occasionally the Lynn Lucas Auditorium has been used for funeral services when requested by a school employee or a member of the community because of the need for a very large meeting space.  Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.   If such a request is made and approved the family will be charged the same as a Category 3 Group.  Liability insurance is required.
Any Category 3 Organization will be charged as a Category 2 Organization if the group secures permission to use a school facility for a scholarship fund raising activity that benefits Willis ISD youths or if event is for a charitable purpose. A letter must be submitted on the organization or sponsor’s letterhead stating that the purpose of the event is a scholarship fundraiser and that all proceeds will be rewarded to Willis ISD youth or the charitable purpose.  Liability insurance is required.
There will be no food or drink allowed in the Lynn Lucas Auditorium, nor in any classrooms, nor in any gymnasium.  Failure to adhere to this request could result in termination of use and denial of future use.  Any areas where food / drink are allowed will be approved by WISD Administration and specified in the rental approval letter.  Approval must be secured for decorations, stage scenery, equipment & furniture.
Only regulation basketball shoes may be worn on the gymnasium floors.  Middle School gyms are only available for rent after school practices / games / events. Willis High School Gyms are typically not available for rent due to the abundance of athletic and campus activities.
Possession and use of intoxicating beverages, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, all weapons (open carry or concealed), firearms or controlled substances at school facilities is strictly prohibited.
Signs for events at WISD facilities may be displayed during the time of the event and must be taken down at the end of the event.  Signs may not be placed over existing WISD signs.
Yates Stadium (football field & track) is not available for recreational use.  Yates Stadium may be rented through established channels. (Board Policy GKD Local)
Walkers and joggers may access the tracks at Willis High School Auxiliary Field, Brabham Middle School and walking trails at CC Hardy Elementary School.
Brabham Stadium will not be rented before the first scheduled UIL event played by WISD students. Use of Brabham Stadium is determined upon discretion of the Athletic Director based on scheduled school events and the condition of the fields. The wear and tear of the fields is the basis to all decisions regarding use by outside organizations.  Brabham field is not available during summer months when field is being prepared for the upcoming season.  Any UIL events such as playoffs, tournaments, etc. must be coordinated through the WISD Athletic Director and his UIL fee schedule will be followed.
Middle School practice fields are available for rent and use by youth groups after the first scheduled UIL event of the season.  Liability insurance and appropriate fees are required.  WISD Tennis courts are available for rent and use by youth groups.  Liability insurance and appropriate fees are required.
District Administration will determine if security will be required at youth sporting events such as football / basketball / volleyball / baseball games. Security is not required for practice sessions.
Submit the Willis I. S. D. Request Form for Use of School Facilities to:
Paul Dusebout
Executive Director of Support Services
204 West Rogers
Willis, Texas 77378
Any questions about procedures or about facility use in general should be directed to:
Paul Dusebout
Executive Director 
Willis ISD Support Services
Telephone - 936-890-1419
Fax - 936-890-1404
Email - pdusebout@willisisd.org
Chelsea LaFitte
Energy Specialist
Willis ISD Support Services
Telephone - 936-890-7878
Fax - 936-890-6676
Email - clafitte@willisisd.org
Submit your request a reasonable amount of time prior to the event.
In most cases two weeks is the minimum lead-time for the requested use of a facility.  The school calendar for facility use can be very crowded.  Give as much lead-time as possible but not earlier than 4 months before the event. School events take precedence over all rentals.  No rental requests will be accepted or confirmed until the school event calendar for the specified campus has been established.  In the event that more than one group / organization requests the same rental date, the rental choice will be determined by a random drawing.
After your request is made you may be contacted to gather any additional information needed.
Support Servieces Dept. will check the dates that you have requested facilities to see if they are available.  Turnaround time from receipt of request to scheduling use is usually 7 to 10 working days depending on the quality of the information given by the requester.  In order to minimize scheduling errors, please do not contact campus principals directly.
After approval (for Category 2 and 3 Organizations)
• You will be given a contract to sign and return.
• You will be required to provide proof of liability insurance.
• You will be given an itemized list of charges that must be paid prior to the event.
The below rates are for operation costs to use each facility.  They include cost of utilities and wear and tear on the facility.  Other charges for school personnel required to be on duty will be calculated for each use and added to the over-all charges.  No usage of facilities shall be allowed unless an employee of the District is assigned and present during use of the facility.
Facility Area
(4-hour minimum fee)
Hourly Fee
240.00 60.00
Cafeteria, Library (Secondary) 160.00 40.00
Cafeteria, Library (Elementary)   160.00 40.00
Kitchen (all campuses)*  200.00 50.00
Classroom **  120.00 30.00
Activity Rooms (choir, band, music)   160.00 40.00
Gym (Brabham, Lucas, Hardy) 240.00 60.00
Brabham Performance Field   200.00 50.00
Tennis Courts  200.00 50.00
*School kitchens may not be used unless a food service employee is present.  Cafeteria equipment shall not be used without specific approval of the Director of Child Nutrition and is operated by assigned cafeteria supervisors.
** Classrooms are not available for rent.  There are occasionally rooms that are not used for instruction or academic purposes and the principal will grant permission for their use.  Most classrooms are occupied, contain computer equipment and teaching supplies making them unavailable for rental purposes.
***The use of any sound or lighting equipment in the Lucas Auditorium will require district-approved operators.
Other Costs  Hourly Cost
Custodial Services actual time needed $30.00
Security actual time needed $40.00
Personnel on Duty (non-security) actual time needed $30.00
Certified Food Service Worker actual time needed $35.00
Sound/Light Technician*** actual time needed $35.00
Administrator on Duty actual time needed $50.00
Miscellaneous actual time needed at cost
The above “other costs” are based on current costs and will be updated yearly.
Determination of the need for an Administrator on Duty, security and custodial services at any event will be made by school administration.
A Sound/Light Technician will be required when organization is renting the Lucas auditorium and needs to utilize lights and sound.  Projectors, special stage lighting and other types of sensitive equipment shall not be used unless operated by qualified district personnel.
Any conditions or circumstances not covered in these procedures will be handled on a case-by-case basis by school administration.
Misuse of WISD facilities or failure to respect WISD guidelines will result in denial of future rentals.  Groups or organizations that bring food or drinks into restricted areas such as the auditorium and the gym will be charged a deposit for their future rentals.
The above policy covers regulations for school use (category 1 organizations) and for NON-SCHOOL use  (category 2 and 3 organizations) of district facilities.
There are several other categories of uses that are not covered by this policy. These other uses do not fall under Category 1, 2, or 3 Organizations.  These other uses are specifically use by Coaches, Administrators or other Campus Sponsors who may be using school facilities for fund raising for a particular sport or a particular school activity.  Clinics, camps, tournaments, carnivals or other such activities put on by coaching staff or other campus staffs for the purpose of raising funds for a campus activity account are not covered by the above regulations.    The Campus Administration and Sponsors using facilities for these events are responsible for compliance with board policy for the use of school facilities.
School funds are not to be used to pay coaches, ticket takers, officials, security officers, food service workers, custodial staff and any other overhead for the clinic, camp, tournament, carnival or activity.  The School Sponsors are responsible for arrangements with the appropriate supervisor for any district employees who may work at these events and for payment from the appropriate activity account for any work performed and submitted to payroll to stay in compliance with IRS regulations.