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Energy Management » Energy Policy and Guidelines

Energy Policy and Guidelines

Energy Guidelines For Teachers & All Staff Members
All staff members are “energy savers” as well as “energy consumers”. We must all work together to implement the energy conservation guidelines.
  • Classroom doors should remain closed as much as possible when HVAC is operating.
  • Vestibule doors should remain closed. Doors to the outside should not be propped open. 
  • All exhaust fans should be turned off at the end of each day and during unoccupied hours.
  • All office machines (copiers, laminating equipment, etc.) should be switched
    off each night and during unoccupied hours. Fax machines should remain on. 
  • All computers, monitors, document cameras, projectors, TVs, music/CD/DVD players, printers and speakers should be turned off each night. Networked printers are excluded. All other electrical items should be unplugged or turned off each night. (items plugged in for charging are exempt)
  • Refrigerators located in classrooms should be unplugged and the door propped open during any extended break (Thanksgiving week, Winter Holiday break, Spring break and Summer break)
Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Thermostats should be set no lower than 72 degrees during cooling. (Range 72-74)
  • During the unoccupied time periods (after student dismissal, weekends, holidays) air conditioning equipment should be turned off, with a maximum set point of 85 degrees.
(Most of our HVAC is controlled via a central management program that sets thermostats automatically. If you have a thermostat in your area for local control, these guidelines should be followed.)
Heating Equipment
  • Thermostats should be set no higher than 72 degrees during heating. (Range: 68-72)
  • The unoccupied temperature setting shall be 55 degrees.
  • When there is no threat of freezing, heating equipment will be turned off each night.
  • All unnecessary lighting in unoccupied areas will be turned off. Remember to check storage closets, custodial closets, maintenance rooms, staff work rooms, and any area that doesn't have a motion detecting switch.
  • All lamps used for accent lighting must have CFL or LED bulbs. No incandescent bulbs allowed. If you have a small lamp fixture with a candelabra socket then an incandescent bulb of 15 watts or less is allowed.
  • 2015-16 Update: With the installation of LED classroom, hall, gym and common area lighting with motion detecting switches it is not necessary to turn lights on/off when leaving a room for a brief time period. The new lights are set to go off after 15 minutes of non-activity.
  • Large soft drink boxes in concession stands should be off except when loaded for selling on game day. Storage refrigerator or soft drink boxes are designated in storage rooms for storage.
  • Restroom lights/exhaust fans in concession stands & field houses should be off except during games/events

Please contact Chelsea LaFitte, Energy Specialist, with questions or concerns:
clafitte@willisisd.org or 936-890-7878 (extension 7878 inside of WISD)
Track Your Own Consumption
Employees, you can track your own energy consumption for your home at http://www.energycap.com/products/greenquest .