Willis Independent School District

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Students of the Month

First-grade teacher Laura Zapata nominated Michael, saying, “He has the world’s best manners and is one of the most kind and compassionate children I have ever taught. We have built a strong friendship, and he frequently writes me letters about how glad he is to be in my class. Little does he know, I’m the lucky one.”

Lynn Lucas eighth-grade ELA Teacher Amber Ruiz nominated Misael. Ruiz stated, “Misael is exemplary in all areas of school life. He goes above and beyond to share thought-provoking ideas. He is a consistent example of Lucas Pride – prepared, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence.”

Each month, teachers submit nominations to the Teacher Advisory member at their campus. The campus representatives select a finalist for each campus. These nominations are submitted to the communications department for review. Students are chosen based on a variety of qualities, including leadership, citizenship, academics and attendance.


Michael Negrete-Moradel, first-grade student from A.R. Turner with Supt. Harkrider and Laura Zapata. Misael De Los Reyes, eighth-grade student from Lucas Middle School with Supt. Harkrider and Amber Ruiz.