Willis Independent School District

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Teresa Herod Presented with Beloved Servant Leader Award

“Teresa has served countless families in Texas for decades, and she nurtures the Willis community and beyond with her vibrant and loving spirit,” said Maria Banos Jordan, President/Founder of the Texas Familias Council. “It is such an honor to recognize one of our peers for doing the work we all strive to do. Teresa is an oasis of loving kindness for families and for the community. She is a kindred spirit.”

Herod felt led to relocate to Willis to help families. When she arrived, she immersed herself in the community, seeking out community resources that could be shared with families in need. When she approached Willis ISD, she found leadership that shared her vision.

“I’ve been here 12 years now and every time I ask for more space, they find it for me,” said Herod. “The parents we help have been made to feel unworthy in other places. When you look into their eyes they look lost and intimidated. Over time, some of them leave. But, they always find their way back to Willis because they know we are here to help them.”

Under Herod’s leadership, the support center has grown to provide access to a number of resources for not only Willis ISD families, but also for families across Montgomery County. The center offers clothing for the entire family, hygiene products, furniture, books – everything a family needs to keep moving along in life. This can be anything from access to a computer to assistance filling out applications for Medicaid and CHIPS.

The center also offers classes for families throughout the year. The free classes include English as a Second Language (ESL), Circle of Friends support group, Just for Us for parent so students with special needs and “Madres Hispanas” for Hispanic mom.

“There may be something we don’t offer, but we would never turn someone away,” said Herod. “We go search for a service that fits the need.”

Willis ISD knows they have filled a big need with Teresa Herod. Herod will be honored at the Board of Trustee meeting on Oct. 12, 2016 at 6 p.m.