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Fifth-Grade Students Receive U. S. Constitutions

“We believe so strongly in educating our youth about our country’s foundation,” said Gail McKinnon, President, North Shore Republican Women. “We want the students to know that this document, although very important, was written by everyday people and that they, too, can be part of our great nation’s history.”

The pocket-sized brochure contains The Constitution with an index, along with the Declaration of Independence and is published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies. Presenting the brochures on behalf of the North Shore Republican Women were Gail McKinnon, President; Karen Darcy, First VP Programs; Judy Love, Literacy Chair and Ann Kate, Media Chair.

“Willis ISD appreciates the donation of Constitutions to our students,” said Jamie Fails, Director of Communications. “We are always looking for ways to partner with community organizations on behalf of meaningful student learning.”