Willis Independent School District

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Willis ISD Students Receive Awards at County Fair

Below is a list of the students and awards: 
Humberto Puente, Brabham Middle School - 3rd Place, Arts
Eddi Marin, Meador Elementary - Grand Champion, Handicrafts
Gerardo Careaga-Esquivel - 3rd Place, Handicrafts
Nate Graziose, Brabham Middle School - Grand Champion, Woodcraft
Evaristo Nabarrete, CC Hardy Elementary - Reserve Champion, Woodcraft
Ty Brown, Meador Elementary - 3rd Place, Woodcraft
Logan Cooper, CC Hardy Elementary - 3rd Place, Creative Arts
Shane Falwell, Meador Elementary - Grand Champion, Horticulture
Juan Flores Hernandez, Brabham Middle School - 3rd Place, Horticulture
Not Pictured:
Jacob Diaz, Meador Elementary - 3rd Place, Baked Goods
Omarion Thomas, Brabham Middle School - Reserve Champion, Handicrafts