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December MVP Inspires Confidence in Students

“Ms. Jimenez is a dynamic, passionate, energetic teacher and a prime example of an outstanding leader,” stated Hardy Principal Adriana Velasco.

Velasco also praised her excellent style of teaching, high expectations for her students and rigorous adherence to academic standards.

A Texas Tech graduate, Jimenez has devoted herself to helping pre K students become lifetime learners. She believes that helping students learn to think and become more independent opens the doors to self-confidence and intellectual growth.

Hardy counselor, Beth Smith, points out that Ms. Jimenez’s habit of greeting her students at the door with a smile makes them glad to come to school each day and sets the tone for their educational career.

“When you enter Ms. Jimenez’s classroom, you can feel the learning happening,” adds literacy coach, Mary Flippo. “These little 4 year olds know their task at hand and move confidently throughout their classroom.”

Flippo is quick to point out that while Jimenez has high expectations for her students, she is skilled at balancing those expectations with each student’s developmental stage.

Jimenez strives to make the lessons in her class relate to skills they use on an everyday basis. Classroom activities are designed to take them from something that they learned to something that has a purpose. She wants her students to be motivated to learn and to be successful.

“I want them to feel inspired and have confidence,” Jimenez stated.

“You won’t hear her say, ‘my students can’t’,” Velasco continued. “Rather she will say that her students have surpassed expectations.”

“When my students leave my room, I want them to take that gift of believing in themselves,” Jimenez quietly explained. “I want them to know that day after day I believed in them and to maybe remember that once upon a time they had a pre K teacher that really loved them.”

“It’s amazing to be in Ms. Jimenez’s room and watch her students hang on every word she has to say,” stated WISD Superintendent Tim Harkrider. “They are very excited and motivated to learn and do their best for her. Without a doubt, she’s got some kid magic.”

Click here to watch Jimenez inspire her students.

The next MVP Award will be presented at the regular meeting of the WISD Board of Trustees Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016, at 6 p.m. in the Cargill Education Center, 204 West Rogers in Willis.